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Welcome to VGO

Dear Valued Customers,

We want to ensure that your experience with our online shopping platform is secure, transparent, and compliant with Sri Lankan and international laws. Here are the guidelines we follow to provide you with a reliable and legally sound service:

1. *Clear Terms and Conditions:*

Please review our comprehensive terms and conditions, which outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties in accordance with Sri Lankan and international laws.

2. *Privacy Policy:*

Our robust privacy policy safeguards your information, detailing how your data is used, stored, and protected in compliance with data protection laws.

3. *Secure Payment Options:*

We offer secure payment methods, encrypting transactions to protect your financial information in line with international payment security standards.

4. *Consumer Protection Information:*

Familiarize yourself with our return and refund policies, ensuring you are aware of your rights and how to exercise them in accordance with consumer protection laws.

5. *Product Information and Accuracy:*

We provide accurate and detailed product information, including prices and specifications, adhering to truth in advertising laws.

6. *Customer Support:*

Our accessible customer support channels are here to address your queries, concerns, and complaints promptly, in accordance with consumer protection regulations

7. *Delivery and Shipping Policies:*

Please review our transparent shipping costs, delivery times, and any restrictions, aligning with applicable laws and international shipping standards.

8. *Accessibility Compliance:*

Our platform is designed to be accessible to all, following relevant accessibility standards and guidelines for people with disabilities.

9. *Anti-Discrimination Policies:*

We prohibit discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, religion, or disability, aligning with both Sri Lankan and international anti-discrimination laws.

10. *Intellectual Property Protection:*

We respect intellectual property rights, obtaining necessary permissions for product listings and taking appropriate action against infringement claims.

11. *Dispute Resolution:*

Our clearly outlined dispute resolution process includes alternative mechanisms in compliance with applicable laws.

12. *Compliance with Local Regulations:*

We stay informed about and comply with additional regulations specific to the Sri Lankan market, such as taxation and import/export laws.

13. *Age Verification:*

For age-restricted products, we implement age verification measures in accordance with legal requirements.

14. *Security Measures:*

Our platform employs robust security measures to protect your accounts and sensitive information, aligning with international cybersecurity standards.

15. *Regular Legal Compliance Audits:*

We conduct regular audits to ensure ongoing legal compliance, promptly updating policies and procedures in response to changes in laws and regulations.

Your trust is paramount to us, and we are committed to providing a secure and compliant shopping experience. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Thank you for choosing us.

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